A friendship’s story

A long lasting friendship between Basque people often leads to meet around a table in order to eat and drink In our case, going for dinner on Fridays became a tradition, visiting different restaurants nearby or meeting at our gastronomical club in Zarautz.

Karlos Arguiñago had a small plantation at his farmhouse. It gave a few grapes every year and some homemade wine was prepared in a nearby txakoli cellar in Zarautz. The drink was not commercialized, we had it with family and friends.

One year, they harvested quite a few grapes and the wine that resulted made us feel so excited that after some jokes and a couple of glasses of wine, we started to discover the complex world of wine, and particularly the wine that they’ve been elaborating in our land hundreds of years ago, with the Hodarrabi Zuri grape. And after some laughter and a few jokes, we brought up a question: why don’t we make our own wine?

And after a lot of hard work, the vineyards were born in 2005, the cellar and the first K5 vintage were born in 2010 and finally, K Pilota was born in 2015.

A team, a family

Thanks to the friendship that brings us together at K5, we have been able to make this dream come true. We are not a normal work team, we are not just friends, we are family.

All the team at K5 works everyday in order to bring and exceptional txakoli all over the world.

Some of us work the land and the vineyards, others work inside the cellar, and thanks to our enthusiasm we are able to take care of our wines and make them real. We take care of everything and we work with love, specially for you.

Lauren Rosillo

Lauren Rosillo is our oenologist, the maker of our wines, is one of the most important nation-wise references when it comes to the world of wine.

The cellar

The building designed by Alonso & Balaguer has sober lines, it is elegant and functional, perfectly integrated with the landscape and respects the environment. It is also energy efficient and has the minimum landscape impact.

The cellar is intended to work in a practical and intelligent way, using the inclination of the land for winemaking, thanks to gravity. Temperature and humidity stay constant in a natural way.