Our white wine for aging, made only from the free-run juice with 11 months of aging on lees.

Vintages starting from 2010 with long aging in the bottle and an exceptional evolution.

Edición Limitada K5 Magnum 2018.
Oenologist: Lauren Rosillo.

“The years in bottle have integrated all of the components and polished the acidity, which is still there and makes it lively with citrusy touch. It finished dry and very tasty with an almost salty touch. It is pettry amazing how young and lively still is.” Luis Gutierrez, Robert Parker’s representative in Spain



Our white wine coming from the youngest vines, with 5 months of aging on lees.

A fresh Cantabrian wine, suitable wine for any moment.

Oenologist: Lauren Rosillo.

“The disolved gas is very subtle, almost unnoticeable, nicely combined with the acidity to make it vibrant. The nose is sublte with hints of herbs and fennel, and the palate is more expressive at this early stage. It’s truly impressive.” Luis Gutierrez, Robert Parker’s representative in Spain.


Our vineyard

Our vineyard, 100% Hondarribi Zuri, grows in exclusive soil and climate conditions. In order to get the maximum concentration of aroma/bouquet and flavour, the grape production for every vine is low, with average performance of between 1,5 and 2,0 kg, and maximum 7.000 kg per hectare.

The vineyard is divided into 10 different plots depending on the land, orientation and each ones characteristics. Every year a particular analysis of each plot is done, and they are vinified separately in order to have each plot’s peculiarities before unifying the wines in the final mixtures.

All this provides our K5 and K Pilota with a unique personality that make them stand out comparing them with any other wine.