K5 VENDIMIA TARDÍA (cases of 5 bottles)

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Technical sheet:

This wine is the result of an exceptional harvest where it was possible to leave the grapes unpicked until late December. It’s a limited edition of 746 bottles that can only be produced in the best years.

Harvest: Derived from a plot harvested on December 21st. During this time when the clusters are still hanging from the vine, the grapes lose water and concentrate sugars, allowing for the subsequent creation of a sweet wine. Soil undulating topography formed by shale, laminated slate and granite.

Varietal: 100% Hondarrabi Zuri.

Soil: Undulating topography composed of laminated slate schists and granite. Highly eroded gray schists with medium organic content.

Winemaking: Manual selection of grapes. Direct pressing and fermentation in stainless steel tanks with native yeasts.

Aging: A two-year aging process in barrels.

Winemaker: Lauren Rosillo

Pairing: Ideal to accompany desserts, strong and spicy cheeses, or appetizers with foie gras.

Tasting Notes:

·Visual Phase: Bright, clean, and crystalline golden-yellow color.

·Olfactory Phase: High intensity with a complex nose, aromas of quince, orange peel, and honey.

·Gustatory Phase: Its substantial mouthfeel makes it a round and glyceric wine, yet with the fresh and Atlantic character typical of Txakolis.

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3 bottles, Box (6 bottles)

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